Across Time and Worlds

“Hello, my name is Victory, and I speak to you across time and worlds. You and I have never met face to face. We have shared planets, though never concurrently, and I have come to know you from the things you left behind.

“You are an exceedingly industrious people and very, very ingenious. From what I have seen, in mere decades you made advancements in science and mechanics that took us centuries to accomplish. I believe it is one of your greatest gifts. We are long thinking and slow to act while you are daring and fearless and brilliant.

“This is also your greatest flaw. We are still finding ruined worlds, stripped of resources, fouled, and abandoned. Some are beyond our help.

“We have never met face to face, but that will end. This message can only travel as fast as light and we are much slower. I have no doubt you will receive this message.

“My name is Victory and we call ourselves Humans. We advance on your species’s birth planet and we bring with us a reckoning for your ill-conceived acts.”

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