Martin Cools off/ Day 3

Day 3
The first thing Tim did was talk to Martin. Tim entered the school and went straight towards Martin’s locker. Fortunately Martin was there.


Martin ignored him and walked away from his locker.


Martin stopped and turned around.

“What do you want?” he said

“I just came to apologize.”

“For what?”

“For whatever i did to make you so mad.”

“Oh, thanks, well it was really mme just being immature. I’ll get over it.” Martin smiled “By the way you’ve got two days/”

Tim smiled “I’ll make the most of them!” he called back

Tim headed to class and do did Martin.

“Now i’ve got to go apologize to Stacey.” he thought

Tim entered the classroom feeling even better after had talking to Martin. Tim walked to the desk’s and sat next to stand Stacey. Stacey switched seats. Tim didn’t pursue her. Class soon began. He began to write a note.

“Hey I’m sorry about the other day.” he wrote “I hope you an forgive me, Tim.”

Tim folded it up the note and rolled it towards Stacey.

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