Cynthia enters the fray

It stopped under Cynthia’s desk. Cynthia picked up the note and looked at Tim. Tim pointed towards Stacey who was sitting diagonally behind Cynthia to the right. Cynthia thought he was pointing at her, she opened the note and read it. She smiled. Tim barely smiled back.

“I can’t beleive this is happening!” he thought

“Oh he’s even cuter when he’s embarrassed.” thought Cynthia

Cynthia could’nt beleive it when the note rolled under her desk. After she read it she was even more astonished! He had noticed her! She had tried to talk to him about yesterday but he had blown her off! Cynthia smiled at Tim, he smiled back. Today was going to be a good day after all!

The Bell rang. While she was leaving the classroom, Cynthia winked at Tim. And just as she hoped Tim looked cutely perplexed. She loved that look on Tim, But most people never saw it.

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