Already Hooked

I felt myself start to pull back, but stopped. I was determined to enjoy at least one thing in my new life.

My heart was beating very fast. His hands felt extremly warm against the icy skin of my neck and cheek. When he dropped his one hand down to my waist, a familiar wave of pleasure rolled through my body. I shivered a little as our lips parted. I felt a longing so fierce, I almost crushed my lips to his again.

I looked into his clear blue eyes. He looked startled, surprised, and slightly out of it. I was sure I looked the same way. I came to this conclusion and a faint smile played with my lips. When he noticed my small smile, he returned it with a full one.

“Thank you…” I breathed, our noses still slightly touching. I couldn’t stand to not be even closer to him. I wanted to stay like this forever and we had only shared one kiss.

“Any time, Anabell…” He answered, sounding as breathless as I felt.

I was almost positve neither of us had ever experienced a first kiss of that intensity before.

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