On Villainy

He looks at me as if I were a snake. A poisonous, precious snake to be kept in a cage. It is amazing how men change when the women that love them carry their child. I am not even showing yet but he is already of the opinion that if not I, the child within me belongs to him. I cannot go anywhere without his permission and when asked why I am being treated like a prisoner, all he can say is that I’ll be free to do as I will once I no longer carry his child. HIS CHILD!

I am alone, all alone. No one comes around anymore and my husband is not the kind, loving man he was two months ago. He is a tyrant, bullying and bossy and bigger than I. He could care less about me, but nothing can hurt the child. I made my vows, vows I take very seriously. One of us will have to die to end this. I hope it is me so I no longer have to endure his cruelty. He treats me terribly and I want to die rather than hoping he will oblige me with his. What a fantastic villain he is to still have my love and my eternal emnity.

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