Ready? Aim? Fire?

As the squad lined up he could tell this would be it. Within five minutes, he would die. Some would say that he really didn’t have to, others that it was the only choice. But the idea of it being a choice never occurred to him. To him it was just the only way.

Would an eye for an eye really make the world blind? Do two wrongs make a right? If a death couldn’t bring back a life, how was this fair and equal?

As the men stood there, five in a line and one against the wall, commands were shouted over the heads they had been drilled into.

Could you ever be??

Was the rifle pointing to where it would be shooting??

And he did, without hesitating.

With his finger on the trigger, his right arm came down, his left to his chest, and he fired. As his firm posture began to fold, he would never know if what he had done would make something right, but he was sure it wasn’t wrong.

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