Following The North Star

Captain Jason eyed the bridge and pointed to ALRO, “Man the wheel, mister,”
“Aye, Cap! Heading?”
“Anywhere from here, lest the SS AOL find us and scuttle us where we sail,” THX quipped.
The captain nodded, “Indulge yourself Ensign ALRO. Get us out of here, and tonight you may regale us with your +10 Guitar of Awesomeness,”
ALRO smiled, “Now you’re talkin’ sir!”
Elsha found the stocks of flint-locks & crossbows. “Arm yourselves, Ficlyteers!”
Commander Kevin spied the ship’s monicker and frowned, “Ficlyteers, eh?” to the captain he said, “Perhaps, with our alliance with the SS AOL armada shattered, a new name would be more appropriate!”
The captain nodded, “Where is Ensign Stovohobo!”
“HERE CAP’n!” the young man cried from midships.
“Be steadfast in finding a bottle of champagne. It is time,”
The ensign had taken twenty breaths and returned, handing the captain the bottle.
“From here on, I dub this ship. the USS FICLY!”
Cheers errupted from all decks.
“SET SAIL ALRO. Full ahead!”
“Full ahead, aye!”

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