Observation VIII

I told my boss that my brother was coming in from Pennsylvania and that I had to meet him at one. He said he’d let me off at noon, but that he didn’t want this to be a constantly occurring thing. That would all depend on Nate. My brother wasn’t coming in from Pennsylvania, as he lived only a few blocks away from my apartment. We saw each other almost everyday! This meeting was different. I had no idea how it was all going to unfold, what we would say to each other, or anything. I just knew that I couldn’t talk to him in a crowded cafe.

He came early. The whole point of him coming at noon was so that we could go to the park or grab something to eat without having to be interrupted by people calling me to random tables. I was a little annoyed, but when the excitement set in, I forgot all about that. I arranged things with one of my fellow waitresses and then I wasted no time in greeting my guest. I just didn’t greet him with words. A nod of the head in the direction of the door was all I provided.

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