Percolators, Bees and Baby Chicks

Thoughts are percolating in my head, buzzing like little bees.

I’ve never been stung by a bee, but I’m terrified of them.

I’ve never seen a real horror movie either… I think a movie by M. Night Shaymalan was the closest I ever got.

I wonder if aliens are real. I betcha Bill Gates is an alien. I think that’s how he made so much money. Was he the one that essentially invented the internet? Oh wait, no, that was Al Gore. Hahahahah.. I hate Al Gore…

Why didn’t John Kerry become President? I remember something about him flip-flopping…

I have a blister on my left foot from my flip-flops … I should buy some new ones, they’re rather dirty.

I need to take a shower.

Where does shampoo really come from?

Why do the Herbal Essences bottles have weird little conversations written on the backs of them?

If eggs could talk, what would they say? “Hey, I’m an egg, please let me become a cute little baby chick instead of putting me in a refrigerator”? That’s so tragic when you think about it.

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