The Cake Is A Lie

“Hello?” the girl said to the woman at the door. “My name is Liz.” She clutched tightly at her handbag.

A slow, wide grin spread across the woman’s face. “I’m Nancy!” she said. She waved her hands excitedly. “Come in!” she said with enthusiasm.

Surprised, Liz followed her inside. She hesitated, then said, “I got your name from the adoption agency. I hope it’s all right that I didn’t call first. The records weren’t closed, so I thought—”

Nancy looked blankly at her.

“I’m sorry, you probably want to know why I’m here now,” Liz said. “I—”

“Are you here for my birthday? Did you bring cake?” Nancy picked up a fat orange cat from the floor and held it out to her. “This is Jeff.”

Confused, Liz patted the squirming cat.

“Do you want to help feed my fish?” asked Nancy.

A terrible realization was dawning on Liz. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “I think I have the wrong address.” She left quickly.

Another woman entered the room. “Laura, who was that at the door?”

“Nobody, Nancy. Just some lady with no cake.”

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