My Echoes 2- We are all many. We are all one.

All the images appeared to be Henry. Even the dead one.

“What the heck did the aliens want this for?” Henry thought “And what the hell was wrong with that one?”

The first Henry was confused and about only five years older than me. When it spoke gibberish came out.

The second Henry was five years older than the first and it repeated until; the dead me.

" Well since we can’t do anything for Him." let me make some names." Henry said. “this is confusing enough. Henry1 your haru, Henry 2 your Harry, Henry 3 your Houston, Henry number 4 your Horton and finally you.”

Henry stared at his psychotic self for a second.

“Your hell cause you seemed to be going through it.” Henry said

There was an awkward silence, then one spoke.

“Why are we here?” Houston asked

“Quick lie. Quick lie. I seriously don’t know why they are here.” Henry thought.

“Information.” Henry said.

“What do you want to know?” Haru asked

“Where did my life go wrong.” Henry said.

“Oh well thats an easy one.” They all said together.

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