I Can't Wait

I can’t wait to be lying underneath you;
Smelling your ever so sweet chocolate cologne;
With one of my hands being tucked in your dress shirt
Pressed against your chest, feeling your heart beats.

Kissing you ever so softly
Your kiss, your lips covering me,
gives me an unsightful bliss.
With our legs intwined, rubbing up & down
& your hands holding me tight all around,
Got my blood pumping, got your body jumping

I can’t wait to see your face, of when I go down
Ever so sweet, as I make liquids flow
Make time slow down, and breathe in different dimensions
Making your body scream for oxygen,
its something that connects your direction with my persuasion.

I can’t wait for you to grip me up,
& show me who is the king of the throne.
Just a little aggression + creativity x sensuality,
Can truly fullfill an appetite!

I can’t wait to lay next to you,
With you, breathing oxygen into my lungs,
Blowing more than just love into me!
Romance, we created;
I can’t wait till I see you next, just know I’m waiting for you.

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