The Glorious S.S Inspiration

There was a dirty ugly ship in front of me.

“Let me see if i remeber how to do this.” I thought

A pretty lady was pulling in on her small boat. I whistled. A can came flying at my head I ducked.

“Do that again if you want to die weirdo!” she retorted.

The dirty ship suddenly seemed a little cleaner. I walked down the boardwalk and came to a boarded up shop called “lil shop of dreams”. I frowned depressed a little. I resumed walking. In the distance the ship became even cleaner. I take a wrong turn and end up in a dark alley. My brain think’s of all the jokes and stories that have taken place in dark alley’s. In the distance The ship went from dirty and ugly to almost average and tasteful. Suddenly i was blindfolded and pulled into a room. I pulled off the blindfold to see noone there. Perplexed, I walked back to the ship. It was shining the most beautiful ship i had ever seen. It’s name was the S.S Inspiration. We sailed away together having many great adventures. Because of a few insignificant things.

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