These are a few of my favorite things.

Yo like! If i had to be sumthin people would prolly call me mcmuffin. Yo I would stuff in 50 not bluffin. Got dem muffins in the oven!

Yeah, yo! These are a few of my favooorite things.! (2x)

Im cranking this rhyme we are on thing number two! You may have just guessed it; it was video games foo! I may not own no consoles but my skillz are bigger than toronto. I never be using walk-throughs, just teaching everyone how to fight from me to you! Establishing respect even though they condemn me to heck. I will try not to die! And someday you might just see this player singing “we fly high!” en la sky! dropping mettallic donuts! 88 ballin!

Yeah, yo! These are a few of my favooorite things.! TO DO! (2x)

Well we hitting number three! And it’s as simple as can be. It is possible to do all three things with me. Then we’re bustin! Number three is as different as birds and bee’s. Da thing rhymes with hurl you guessed it it’s a girl! If i had someone to bust these crap rhymes with me…. i’d be as happy as can be!!!

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