Tonight I laided with you, I kissed you & you made me feel beautiful
You made me feel special & when you kissed me so softly
You slowly gave me an memory that could never leave.
But I wished tonight could have been reality for us both

Tonight was a single moment in time
That won’t be possible for us to recreate
When my hands were pressed against your chest
& your lips were pressed against my forehead
I knew it would only be for tonight, this behavior.

Our chapter has been published
I just wish I could leave you alone
I don’t just want you to be an One Night Special
& I don’t want to be your special guest appearance
I want you, & all of you.
Not just a piece, & until you realize that, tonight is all we’ll have.

Make me feel beautiful, I made love
Make me smile without opening your eyes, I made tears
Tonight, you cried with me, cause of your lifestyle
Will I always be your second place?
Tonight, all you have to do is say the magic words & I could be by your side 4 life
When tonight is over, just forget me!

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