Under again, she let out the oxygen through her mouth. Her body began to sink down. She felt the cold mud. She dug her hands into the bottom of the lake. Nothing was there. A pain developed in her chest as she kicked herself up from the bottom and gasped for air as she emerged. She didn’t feel doubtful; not in the least. Just… unsatisfied.

She inspected everything within her sight as if it were a picture she wanted to remember forever. But she saw no beauty. All she saw was darkness. She shut her eyes and went under for the last time. She was careful not to let out too much air so that she would sink, but enough so that she wouldn’t float back up to the surface. This is where she wanted to be. This is where she wanted to stay. At a perfect equilibrium. Alone. Everything was gone. Everything was her. Everything went black.

She had finally found her peace.

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