A day in the life of TSS's shower head. (pt. 2)

TSS stepped into the shower. He grabbed facet who complained as always.

“Get this meat puppet’s hands off of me! spout!” he yelled.

I dripped which was the equivalent to a laugh for my kind.

I slowly let the water pass through me. Shooting water is a delightful experience. Well he was really just guiding it.

“Well at least bossing around the water heater is fun!” he thought

TSS soon left. Then there came customer number 2.

" I should get payed for this." the spout thought

During their off period they usually just threw a party. Facet always hit on towel. Towel always rejected facet. Door hinge provided the music with a moving country ditty called stuck in the doorway. It was about a girl who had to decide between one boy or another. Drain always sang because he had the biggest mouth. And all the tiles talked among them selves. The finest drink’s were sereved from our favorite bar. The medicine cabinet- so good you swear its healthy! They partied until TSS had another shower. And that was a day.

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