Bad Driver's Lament

“Oh geez!” Carmen gingerly put her coffee mug back into the holder, before a horn klaxoned just outside her right window. “Cripes!” she jammed on the brakes, “TAKE IT EASY!”
She licked the hot coffee from her hand as she pulled her mini-van back onto the road, the tires protesting with crackles of gravel from the shoulder. Her heart was pounding in her ears. If she wasn’t in such a rush..
She could not finish the thought as the light suddenly turned red as she passed into the intersection. She leaned on the horn, applied the brakes; tires screeching to a halt in the middle of Bank St. & Main. Horns blasted from everywhere, and middle-fingers saluted her as she drove away.
“Not my fault it turned red like that!” she yelled. Then more to herself, “They should give you more warning!”
She licked her lips, reached for her coffee, and with both hands adjusted her travel mug nozzle. Then, there came a loud crash, as a cyclist smashed through her front windshield..
She didn’t see THAT red light either.

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