Wendy: A narrator's view.

She could see him standing at the window. And her heart sank. He was so handsome.
She grit her teeth against the impulses of the heart, and steeled herself to the task.
“NO .. NO! Be quiet, Charlie!” she yelled back, pinning another bomb to a milky-white Caddy. As she walked away towards the building, she looked up at Charlie, in the eye when she set the bomb off. There was a flood of hot air, teasing her hair. She did not flinch. She only felt the rush of the flames, as they surround her.
The Warehouse was old – maybe build in the 70’s, with huge column stacks protruding from the roof. Probably Oil heated.
“Who needs kindling.”
“This is CRAZY, Wendy. We have to stop sometime!”
“No we don’t. GOD couldn’t even stop us, Charlie. No one could have! I loved you,”
“And I love you!”
“Well that’s just not enough now is it!” She opened the front door and found stairs that led down to the boiler rooms. The blast was going to be glorious.

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