Wendy's Epiphany.

I loved him. I really did. And I cried. Because if things went the way they were supposed to, there would be no more Charlie after today.
The basement of the warehouse was dank, and smelled like a sewer.
“How do they have meetings in THIS place?” i wondered at the time.
There was the distinct scent of oil coming from a large set of double-doors.
Searching through my bag, i had 3 more devices. I stuck one to the door and ran for cover. Pressing the trigger, it went off with a deafening concussive blast. The wave struck me even from around the corner, and the pain in my head was massive.
I rolled on the ground squeezing my hands over my ears, moaning loudly, if only to ensure i still had hearing left. When I found that i was uninjured, I had a sudden urge to laugh. A wave of giddiness came over me and I laughed until tears fell.
Even as I walked into the boiler room, I continued to giggle.
It was just me and the fire now! I didn’t need Charlie afterall.
I planted the bombs, and made my way out.

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