Unknown Emotional Support

“You seem lost today.” she said.

“I’m just thinking of the way things use to be.”, he replied quietly.

She didn’t respond, as she knew not to talk too much on what he was going through. It had been weeks since the funeral and he was dealing with his grief in his own way. She knew that this was his first time going somewhere other than work and home.

“Anyways, we’re not here to talk about me.” with that his personality switched back. “I think I found the problem with Jan’s computer.”

Inside she wanted him to trust her more. He had confided in her a lot during the past few weeks, but she knew he still needed to open up more.

“Ah, here comes dinner.” he said. She couldn’t tell if he was putting on an act or he really did push his emotional baggage away. All she could do was wait and be there for him.

She smiled, “Hopefully it’s good. You’re the one who recommended the place.”

“I’ve always wanted to eat here, but never took the opportunity to do that till…. now….” His voice trailing off.

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