Let The Fire Judge

I met Wendy as she came back up from the boiler room. “What did you DO!” I recognized the expression on her face.
“It’s over Charlie.”
“No. Yes. Wait, what?”
“Charlie, you were the one for me. But you left me. Now you must pay the price. Come with me.”
“Inside.” Her voice was sweet, too sweet for truth. My stomach flip flopped. “You’re gonna blow it up, aren’t you?”
Wendy walked calmly through the door to the meeting room, forcing Charlie to follow her. Damn his altruism. “You’re gonna blow us up.” Wendy looked at the meeting room like she was appraising it’s value for sale. “This is not very cheery. How could you choose it over me?”

“You’re jealous, okay I get it. You think I’m cheating, that I left you. But Wendy, I want something better for you, for us. Don’t you see?”
“Fire is all we have, Charlie. It made us. And it will judge us. You have forsaken the fire, but I have been loyal. Burn Charlie.”

Her words were soft, ethereal, as she pressed the remote detonator.

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