Death Or Survival.

The blast was muted by the three floors that were below us, but eventually the shock wave hit us as windows everywhere shattered outwards. Then the floor buckled beneath our feet, and Charlie looked at me. For a moment, I swore I saw regret.
“I love you Charlie! I always have!”
There was a blast of heat, as the floor split, and white-hot flames, with billowing black smoke pyred through, sending the two of us flying toward one of the broken windows. I strained to look at the mushroom cloud of fire grow. I wanted it to grow BIGGER, and it did, as if it obeyed my every command.
As we were propelled from the exploding building, i took hold of Charlie and whispered,
“We’ll be just fine!” just as a column of liquid-like flame engulfed us.
The pain was like a bucket of cooking oil spilled over our flesh.
Charlie and I screamed as we fell. We braced ourselves for the impact; but it never came.
Charred brick and mortar flew like meteors, as the building collapsed.
Charlie and I stood to watch, unharmed by the flames.

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