My Echoes 3 - I Never Saw This Coming

“What’s so goddamned obvious?”

Haru smiled – pointed to speakers on the console. “You can hear now. Neat. Was dreading having to mime that you screw up when you use this. I decided it wasn’t worth the risk. Looks like I was right.”

Henry looked at Hell, slumped over in his booth. He surveyed the other four. “Did anyone use it?” They shook their heads – no. Horton and Houston spoke – in unison. “I sold it.”

Henry turned to Haru. “Hm. Your future isn’t mine – or you’d remember this. So I can use this – keep my eye on Hell, keep it away. I can hire every temporal theorist. I’ve kept on top of the business world for a decade – I can handle whatever screws him up. So – what next?”

Haru looked at the watch on Henry’s wrist. “In the next five years, you put down two boardroom revolts. Might wanna fire Sid DeVries. Otherwise, it’s smooth.” He looked to Harry. “Ask him what happens at the Solar Government Summit. SolGov is coming next year, and I’m trying to cover all the angles.”

Henry turned to Harry.

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