My Echoes 4- The conviently unknown tryst

Haru thought desperately. He discreetly covered his face as if wiping off sweat, but he had activated his neural communicator.

“Practically had to sell my soul to get one of these things lets hope it works.” he thought

Abruptly a small floating shadowy figure appeared. Haru mentally adressed it.

“Hell is dead. I am the only one who knows whats going to happen.” he told the figure mentally.

“Very Good, Henry suspects nothing i assume?” the figure inquired.

“No he know’s nothing. Absolutely nothing.”


Henry asked them several questions. None they had not expected to hear.

“So shall we meet up in the next 2 weeks fellas?” Henry asked

“I like how he makes it seem like we have a choice.” Haru thought

Haru inwardly sighed.

How did things get so complicated?

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