Something To Get Through The Day

I blocked my thoughts as I leaned against Nathaniel’s strong shoulders. I felt my body flood with relief. The school day was deffinately not what I wanted to deal with. Not with out something to look forward to.

I took a deep breath and asked, “Nathaniel?”
“Yes Anabell?” I heard as much as I felt through his body.

“Could we maybe hang out later tonight?” I whispered, scared of the answer.
“Sure. My house or yours?” He said, sounded really excited by the thought.

I cringed at the thought of having him in my house though. I breathed one word that was saturated with fear, anxioty, and hope, “Yours?”

“No problem. Just call when you want to. I’ll even see if you can come over for dinner.. If you’d like…” He offered, only a little hesitantly.

I nodded against his shoulder. I had to hope that my mother would let me go to his house. But I knew that I had my something to get me through the school day. When the bus stopped, we got off and he grabbed my hand again to walk in. I hadn’t felt more at peace in weeks.

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