The Gift of Life

Jordan wanted so badly for her heart to fail. He remembered how wonderful he felt when he got a call from the doctor, saying that Kate had fainted while she was taking a walk in the park. He didn’t want it to happen soon, but he wanted it to happen. This was the only thing he could do for her that could match all that she did for him. He couldn’t show her how much he loved her with flowers and candy, or making her dinner every once in a while. She taught him how to live, showed him that life really was worth it. That night, as they talked in her backyard, he knew that he was going to give his life to Kate.

The call came when she once again had a spell and landed herself in the hospital. The doctor said that everything was uncertain. She could live for three days, or she could live for three months. However, whatever the number, it wouldn’t be long. Jordan spent the day with her in an ugly white room that smelled strongly of cleaning solution.

Jordan died at nine o’clock.

Kate went into surgery at ten.

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