Abercrombie Jeans

The next day everygirl in the school was wearing makeup and a skirt. Even Krista, Jules, Tina, and Cat. I was fine with my flip flops, jean shorts, white tank, and blue abercrombie sweatshirt.
“What is with you guys?”
“Derrik of course! I want him to sit with us at lunch!” Julia squeled.
I rolled my eyes. What was with everyone.
The girls and I chatted about what we were goingto do this weekend, when the cafeteria grew silent. I groaned. In walked Mr. Handsome.
The girls fluttered their eyelashes and flipped their hair.
I stood up, the only one making a sound or movement in the whole cafeteria. I looked right at him. He raised an eyebrow. I picked up my tray and dropped it in the garbage as I walked by. Then I brushed by him and walked out of the cafeteria without looking back.

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