Restless Nights, Chasing A Ghost

“Chasing ghosts Williams.” – “What is it to you if I am Charles.” – “Well your working on tax payers money, they wouldn’t fancy the ideal of you chasing a lost cause.” – “Is that how you see human society a lost cause.” – “In a way I think it is.” – “Think that all you want I’m not going to start myself.” – “Suit yourself Williams, but the chief isn’t going to like the report more then I do myself.”

Charles was more then right; I was left with no case to go chasing after Oleg and the little girl. A click of the bottle lid hit the side of my table as I poured a glass. The sharp burning taste lingered in my mouth as I sat there thinking over the case.

Where was I going to get a proof to hold up in court? The little girl was my only link to the whole case. Without her the market stays open and more young girls are found missing off the streets.

After a night of thinking I grabbed the jacket off my chair and headed out of the city and over the Hodgson Bridge.

The city lights glimmered in the distance.

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