The Fires of Hades

He stood there panting, watching, waiting. Every muscle in his body was alight with a teatherball yellow flame from effort. Blood slid down the blade and splashed like sand into a small pool. The demon watched him, searching him for weakness. The others had been defeated, but they were nothing but low level minions, she was the ruler of this domain!

The demon raced at him brandishing her claws. Fully extracted, the claws reached a yard in length and he could hear them whip through the air. She swung, he blocked, he swung, she blocked, they were locked in a deadly game of tag. She was great, but he was better. With a flash of chalk white the blade cut through her and she collapsed.

He was the victor. He had no match. Not here. Not anywhere. He sheathed his blade and moved on.

12:31pm – Associated Press – Massacre at Small Town Elementary School – Teacher and 13 students slain in what investigators are calling the most brutal attack in memory.

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