Pillow fight

It was our usual Friday night sleepover at Kristas. You could say she was kinda rich. We always slept in her closet, which was about the size of my house. When we were done with facials, nails, and our fashion show, we layed down and watched tv. (Yes, in her closet.)
I was praying we would go the whole night without mentioning him, but of course, my luck sucks.
“Ohkay, I was waiting to tell you guys, so now I guess is the right time. I have a date with Derrik!” Christina blurted! “Tommarow night at 6:00!”
“Really? We have a date tommarow at 12:00!” Julia shared.
“Omigod! I’m with him Sunday at 1:00!” Catalina said.
“Best for last!” Krista smirked. “Monday at 4:00!”
“Whens your date with him?”
“Never!” I smiled. “I dont like him!”
“Whatever. One less girl for competition.”
“Hey!” I hit her with a pillow.
She laughed and hit me back.
Soon, all of us were in pillow fight.

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