This Is Me

I’m just going to start this whole biography with one statement, which is complete, total, factual fact:

I have no idea who I am. Yes, I know. I know who I am as in my name, what I like to do, and so on…but I don’t know who I am.

It’s like that one Adam Sandler movie where his character gets frustrated because he tries to describe himself, but he’s not telling Jack Nicholson’s character who he actual is.

well, instead of getting very angry, like Adam Sandler did, I’m going to just write a record of my adventures as a young man so I, as well as others, can find out who I am.

Well. Where to start…

I guess I should tell you what I like.

I like being happy, because sometimes I’m not. Good music makes me happy. The companionship I feel from other people makes me happy. Frank Sinatra makes me happy. Funny things make me happy, particularly comedians, awkardness and “you got ownd” situations. Animals make me happy.

I have very limited space for each little “chapter” of this, so I’ll just move on…

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