She Knew She Was Dreaming

Well, she did do all the tests that you were supposed to do to test your lucidity.
And she failed each one. Or passed them, whichever you prefer.
The point is, she was dreaming.

The problem is, she was dreaming the entire time.
Her birth? A dream.
Her parents? A dream.
Her school? A dream.

Her whole world was actually created by her in her mind. She made up everything that has ever happened to her. And she could manipulate everything.
This must be what it feels like to be God, she thought.
And when she realized that, she decided to have some revenge.

Tomorrow at school, she faced the big bully before classes started.
“Where’s your lunch money?” the big guy said to her menacingly. She was holding a lunchbag.

Suddenly, he rose to the air, his hands on his collar, trying hard to breathe. He was turning blue.
“Your lack of intelligence disturbs me”, she said.

You see, she wasn’t that imaginative.

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