Death 2

I left the human world thinking I had helped this man, only to learn later that in his drunken state his mind warped what I had said. He lived with a determination to create a superior race of blonde-haired, blue-eyed humans. How stupid I was!

So, now I simply stayed in the Spirit World, escorting lives to the Great Beyond.

I sat smugly observing all humans who sought Death. It was amusing to watch them search. It was like a game of hide-n-seek, where I had hidden in a tree and they searched the ground. Sometimes they searched in weird places, like inside of animals for example. Sometimes they came close, touching the fabric of the Spirit World, but too scared of the shadows dancing on the other side. They were still afraid of this realm.

There were only a scant few that had auras of gold, where faith in something made them unafraid of dying. I watched them with interest, curiously amused. They moved around the human though, glowing, but never once ventured near the fabric.

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