How they make all of those inovative products

Dr. Smithson was sitting in the time machine. He fired up the Relativity Boosters, turned on the Paradox Regulator, and turned on the Plasma Generator. He then set the coordinates to Losta Industries, CA, June 4, 5000 AD. He pushed down on the accelerator, and vanished. He arrived on top of a chrome building, noting how cliche it was, and stepped out of the time machine.
He took a purple rod out of his pocket, and he tapped the roof with it. A trap door opened, which he opened, and went down to find what looked like a thumb drive on a podium. He took the thumb drive, climbed out of the room, and stepped into his time machine.
A new product for Losta Inc. he thought to himself as he set the coordinates to July 22, 2009 AD.

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