Charlie's Epitaph.

Tears fell, and were immediately consumed by the ravaging flames that surrounded us.
There were no words spoken. Only a final look as Charlie let my hand go to let the inferno consume him.
As he stood there, a man of flames, he was beautiful. Beyond beautiful. HE was an angel the likes of which Constantine would have loved as a brother.
“I loved you, Charlie,” i whispered as his lifeless shell fell to the ground.
I felt empty. I could no longer feel him near me. With him gone, the fire disappeared, leaving behind nothing but charred remains of human corpses and metallic automobile husks.
My skin glowed red; like a horrible sunburn, and the pain was excruciating, but none-the-less I stood alive.
The fire had chosen me! A judgement had been passed. And though, I will forever miss Charlie, I feel today, that he is always watching over me.
My need for fire will never leave me. I drove by the I-75 the other day.
The Fuel-Tanker was just a distraction; but the fire spoke to me.
Charlie loved you, it said.
I cried.

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