Limping To Grenna: Amethyst

The Alliance Vessel, ASV-Amethyst entered the Grenna Star System at sub-light.
“Distance?” the captain, Trianna Locke, asked.
Her first-mate, Vitali Karapanov, put eyes to his NAV console and replied, “6 AU to the 4th planet,”
“Home,” Tarn would have smiled if his narrow slit for a mouth could. Captain Locke smiled, and placed a gentle hand on the Grennan creature. As far as aliens went, Tarn was the most trust-worthy one she could have hoped to serve on her vessel. Xenophobia was still an issue throughout the alliance. It was because of Tarn and his team that the Grenna had agreed to place at least 1 grennan per alliance star ship. Their ability to assimilate languages was unmatched.
“I’m sure you’re glad to be home, Tarn,” she said.
Vitai replied, “I know we can use the repairs. Amethyst has practically limped here,” his russian heritage was hard to mistake as he spoke.
“We’re being hailed,” Comms Specialist Lucy Quan said, “It’s a distress call!”
“Grenna! There’s been an explosion,” Quan reported.

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