A Seam in Space? Pt. 2

“Computer, make a complete scan of the trajectory of the ship to see if it leaves some trail behind”
“Counselor, can you sense some presence?”
“Sir, I can sense something, but I can’t say what exactly it is.”, the Betazoid Counselor, a highly empatic and telepatic, replied.
“Navigator, do we have a course out yet?”, the captain inquired.
“Working on it, Sir, but it’s not that easy to predict.”
“Make it quick, the alien ship is closing in fast.”
“Sensor scan completed.”, the computer replied, “there’s a trail of sub-space particles following the ship and pinching through the space and possibly through time.”
“Navigator, hurry up”
“Got it, Sir, this should get us out of the way. Shall we stay close?”
“Yes, stay close but at safe distance, we will investigate further. Engage at will”
“Science Officer, to the bridge”, the captain commanded.
“Communication Officer, audio all frequencies”
“Frequencies open, Sir, you may speak”, the communication officer replied.
“Alien Ship, we bid you welcome, we come in peace”

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