Seeking Life (part 3)

She woke as the zero gravity chamber adjusted to match the ship’s atmosphere and she felt her body come to rest on the mattress. Air hissed as the door opened and she could hear the doctor and his assistant checking bandages, muttering numbers. The eye mask was lifted off and the bright light exploded in her head. Doc told her to cough and he pulled the oxygen unit from her throat. It burned and she tasted copper. He still wouldn’t meet her eyes.

When she tried to sit up she realized that her arms were in cuffs chained to the bed. Alarmed, she started to flail but the sharp pain in her legs made her dizzy.

“Don’t try to speak, you’ll damage your vocal cords.” Doc Roberts was curt. This mission had been long and they were far from home, but Jade had never felt more alone.

Captain Jacks brushed the doctor aside and stood in her field of vision. Jade took a deep breath and steadied herself, returning his gaze. Now that his brother was gone, she knew he would not rest until she was executed. “You bitch.”

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