Sexy Console

It was creepy the way the whole thing worked. Candice didn’t like it at all.

She stared at the console, with its dangling wires and microchipped shower cap. The very idea grossed her out.

She thought about what kind of degenerate would pay money to do this rather than go out and pick up, for much cheaper, a real flesh and blood whore. What was the advantage to this, aside from not having to leave your console?

She didn’t want to do it. Camming and stripping were one thing, but this was outright prostitution. Even if she wasn’t in the same room with the guy, she was still going to have to do him. That’s what the neuro hookup was for, so he could close his eyes and be there with her. And she’d have to feel it all as well, and pretend she was liking it. Candice’s skin prickled.

She had bills to pay, people she owed. They weren’t going to wait much longer, and what they might want her to do for repayment could easily be worse than this.

She picked up the shower cap and heaved a shaking sigh.

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