Forever and Ever. Amen.

She scowled. Her devoutly red lips lifted slightly as she said his name: “Andrew”. That name! It was both wonderful and terrible. Honest and deceitful. Loving and hating. Andrew.
He followed her eyes to the chocolate chip muffin he held in his hand. It was the last one, and he had bought it for her. Because he loved her, and that is the simplest reason in the world. “It’s for you; I know how much you love chocolate…and muffin-type things,” he murmured shyly. Andrew didn’t know why he has so shy. After all, he and Laila had been together for the past five years.
Laila smiled involuntarily at his bashfulness. “Andrew.” Love and love. Honest and honest. Wonderful and wonderful. Forever and ever. Amen.

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