Double-Seven O (770)

Double-Seven O’s head swam. The rest of his body swam too as he held his breath, struggling to reach the surface of the pond.

Double-Seven O gasped as he thrust his head above water. He reached inside his coat pocket and activated the built- in flotation device. Three tiny bubbles trickled outward from his garment.

With a sigh, Double-Seven O started for shore, sans flotation. Unlike James, his toys never worked.

James was the lucky one. The Ministry always gave him all the cool toys, all the fast cars, and in turn, all the fast women.

They outfitted Double-Seven O with a hand gun and a not-so-buoyant VW Bug. It’s difficult to catch fast women, especially when they can outrun your car.

Pausing just a moment on dry land, Double-Seven O looked up at the bridge. Whomever had attacked him had not stuck around to find out if they had finished the job.

Clearly he was close, and somebody knew it. He dusted himself off, and started back towards the mansion, this time on foot. He needed the exercise anyway.

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