The Gorgeous Cat Loveless

“You look gorgeous,” Ha-Ha said in his thrilling James Stewart voice. He didn’t mean to sound like him, but he did. Cat smiled and blinked her eyes at Ha-Ha’s powder blue suit. He told that he was gonna wear this one, but hadn’t believed him.
“As do you.”
“Liar,” he smiled the smile that was his own and no one else’s.
“Oh,” sighed Mrs. Loveless, coming to the door with her camera. “Gorgeous.” Cat was gonna puke if she heard that word once more.
“Limo’s here.” Cat pulled Ha-Ha’s arm and they ran to the car.
Ha-Ha shut the door and looked the driver square in the eye. “You’re supposed to be taking us to prom, but here’s the thing; we’re really going to city hall, see?”
Cat broke into a smile bigger than her face.
“We’re getting married. You want I.D.? We’re both 18, so there’s no problem.”
What could the driver do, but comply?
The two bounced out of the hall, arm in arm, only to be met with screeching tires and their own screams.

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