Letter from Lisa: Sent 2009, received 2251.

Dear Cole,
I’ve lost all hope that I will ever see you again. Since the accident, I’ve counted 10,122 days. Every Sunday at 2, I return to the Convergence Point where you first walked through the anomaly, and at the stroke of 4:30 pm. when it closes, I leave without you coming through the Event Horizon.
It hurts so, very, much, Cole. I miss you, so much.
They tell me if I go in after you, I would not survive the trip. Something about Time-Dilating convergences. Something about Time is no longer linear.
I’m an old woman. I’ve lived in the shadow of The Project,and I don’t think that I can live anymore, and so I write this letter so that I can attempt a Jump.
If I don’t make it, I want this letter to survive me so that you will know that for the past 28 years, I never stopped loving you; never stopped believing you would come back.
I love you, LISA
The letter was charred, but there was some scribble added to the letter. It read.
“Year 2122 – There is nothing left. The anomaly gone..I surviv..d.. Love, LIS…”

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