The Anything Goes Call-In Show

“Thanks for tuning into Radio FCLY on this miserable, rainy Wednesday. It’s after midnight and you know what that means, my freaky followers – It’s time for Sexy Suzie’s anything goes call in show! Tell me your dreams, your fantasies, things you’d never tell your mom or coworkers! Go ahead, the line’s open! You’re on the air, caller, what’s your deal?”


“Hello, caller, you sound like a nice young lady. What’s your story?”

“I killed a man tonight.”

“Oh come now, you must be joking.”

“No, I’m not. I snuck up behind him while he was reading a book and slit his throat.”

“When I say ‘Tell me your dreams,’ caller, I’m not asking you to make shit up.”

“I’m not. I’m going to do it again, too.”

“So, who was this guy? Someone you know?”

“No, I’ve never met him before, Suzie. I just ran into him tonight. I had some other business to addend to, and he got in my way.”

“What kind of business is that? Caller, your voice is so quiet, I can barely hear you.”

“He was in the hallway. Your security guard.”

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