Government Labs

He descended the stairs and passed through the double door. The smell of cordite and gasoline wafted by. He approached the grey haired man in the lab coat. “Ahh, double seven oh, About time you got here. What kept you?”

“There was some trouble with the lift.”

“Well never mind that. Now pay attention, your life may depend on this.” P handed over a DVD and gestured to the car. "Here is the instruction video for your vehicle. It has been highly modified and can perform incredible feats.” He looked at the car. A 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, painted white with a red and blue racing stripe and the number 53 prominently displayed.

“The ministry modified this car for me?”

“No, not the ministry. Disney studios. We were able to purchase it at a discount.”

“Tell me, why do they call you P? Is it because you are one better than Q?”

“Actually no. If you must know it is for prostate. And I keep having to go. Damned embarrassing. And your gun has been modified to prevent anyone using it against you. No firing pin.”

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