The Assignment

M sat behind the desk, clearly looking distracted and said, “Shut the door”.

Double seven oh closed the door behind him and stepped forward. The rich wood paneling of this room reminded him not so much of an office as a humidor. He waited for a moment as M carefully studied the paper on the desk.

“Hmmph, Shaun the Sheep isn’t on ‘til seven. Oh, double seven oh, why are you here?”

“You sent for me.”

“There is problem. It requires an agent with delicacy, diplomacy and tact. It’s fraught with danger, intrigue and the possible consequences are… well, let’s say we can’t take any chances of failure”.

”I won’t betray the trust you place on me.”

“Good man. Now go down to the lunchroom and tell 007 I want to see him immediately. Oh, and next time I tell you to shut the door, stay on the other side when you do so.”

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