This Is The World I Live In

“Times changing for the good.”

“New systems in place to feed the masses."

“We will over come the impossible, you have a choice.”

“Choose the voice to represent your country today, and lead us to a better future for tomorrow.”

The story played in the square of New York as the election came closer from today.
Over a million have died due to the cause of lack of food. Kids starving enough to murder for the skin of the other. Money not even good enough to buy the finest food there is. Government now controlling half of the oceans and farms, leaving all civilians to wither away. War has broken out in the eastern borders of Europe.

Build today for a better tomorrow, was the saying of the 21st century. We are nothing but mules in a ongoing war of control.

A dumpster isn’t filled with garbage no more, but holding a family of three. In a day they will be killed for the next family to overtake it. This is the world I live in.

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