Winner Announcement

Oh, I’ve done it all wrong. I put up a challenge but made it so wonky I can’t properly pick the winner. This, as well as putting the information on my profile, is the best I can do. Many, many thanks to the wonderful entries to my contrary little, convoluted a lot challenge.

[for a reminder, the challenge is here]

Oh, looks like I can mark a winner. What a coincidence. The winner for ‘Stand Alone Storyness’ is ‘An Abundance of Reality’ by falconesse []

Co-winner, specifically for "Exponentiating the Weight of the Source’ is ‘Miles Away’ by Trann []. By that I mean he did the best job using his unassuming story to really give the short ficly that inspired it a massive whomp of meaning and hurt.

From now on I promise to do these properly. Probably.

Dr. Tim

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