The Light Of Sound

Harold cringed and sunk back and away from the doctor. Nurses, attendants, interns and med-tech gathered about him, and gawked, and all he could do was press his palms over his ears and cower.
His mouth opened, and to his horror a slurring horrid sound issued out from it. He slapped a hand over his mouth this time.
Make it stop! were his thoughts, It’s too… he found himself stopping, as the doctor muttered something, that to Harold, was incomprehensible. His arms were waving for everyone to settle down and.. to be quiet! It’s too loud!
Harold couldn’t believe it.
Machines blipped. A pen dropped. A nurse sneezed, making him jump. A baby cried. Someone laughed. Sirens wailed as ambulances, outside, arrived. Horns honked. A woman talked to her child, and the little girl talked back; the pitches were different. Music played from a TV. An old man whistled a tune. A pretty girl hummed a hymn. A couple prayed. And a boy giggled.
“Harold?” the doc called.
Harold’s hands said, “I can hear!”
“Yes you can!”

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